Gastronomy as a Declaration of Love to the Region

Our Philosophy

In our gastronomic oasis, you will experience the poetry of hospitality combined with the treasures of our region. A symphony of farm-owned delicacies and the preciousness of the surrounding landscape. 
The menu lists classic dishes in harmony with our own creative dishes, thus allowing for new taste experiences.
Our restaurant serves at lunch and evening local delicacies.
Monday is our day of rest.

We warmly welcome you to our traditional sunny mountain restaurant!  

Our day of rest: MONDAY

The Restaurant

A harmony of energy-rich meat and alpine wild herbs


The head chef and cook of the house, Christian, always prepares regional and seasonal dishes with a lot of love. He has always dedicated himself passionately to the preparation of meat dishes. He processes and „smokes“ the Kaminwurzen, the beef, or the meat from wild animals himself.


Conscientiously, he roasts various steaks or fillets in the kitchen, often refining them with a special crust, e.g., a herb crust.


His wife Margret (Meggi) loves to work with herbs and wild plant vegetables. She has officially obtained the certification to collect wild plants. She likes to contribute with new creative ideas. This special combination of the two culinary directions results in a unique variety of exquisite dishes.

Throughout the Seasons

In addition to classic dishes such as dumplings or Wiener Schnitzel, which you can find on the menu all year round, there are special offers for each season!

Here's an example:  

Spring: Ox back steak with pine nut-herb crust, chicory salad
Summer: Wild herb dumplings with bacon cabbage salad, venison or deer roast
Autumn: Chestnut gnocchi with wild ragout or beetroot ravioli with grey cheese filling - pumpkin seed roulade
Winter: Buckwheat spinach dumplings on radish salad - pumpkin seed roulade

Lanzenschuster also naturally offers: Vegetarian and lactose-free dishes

For info: 0471 340012  or 348 251 6486